Sushi Azabu NYC

Upscale hotel and restaurant company Plan-Do-See makes the international move from Japan to the U.S. with it’s New York City restaurant, Sushi Azabu.

Project Commencement

Plan-Do-See (株式会社プランドゥシー), founded in 1993, is one of Japan’s top upscale restaurant and hotel companies. With locations across Japan, Plan-Do-See decided to open up its first offering outside of Japan with the opening of the Greenwich Grill (now known as Sushi Azabu + Sankaku) in the Tribeca area of New York City.

In order to prepare company employees for this, as well as future international openings and interactions with foreign clientele in general, the company took the initiative in encouraging employees to learn English in order to more easily adapt to the upcoming company expansions. AssistINT help design a tutoring course for potential transplants, as well as those in the company that had a general desire to learn or improve their English.

Initial Investment
0 m
Years in Operation

At about the same time, an ‘expeditionary’ team was sent to the south-side of Manhattan to prepare for the opening. AssistINT helped this team with general consulting, IT purchasing and setup, and web design consulting.

12 years after opening, the restaurant is still profitable, has won a Michelin star, and has opened a second location in South Beach, Miami in the state of Florida.

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